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Ton'e Brown, is the author of six previous written books and her new release novel, ROUGH PATCH ~ TWISTED FATE. She has brilliantly combine a series of stories that gives you the faith drive inspiration of triumphs that leads you to recognize the ability to tap into a strength that gives you the empowerment to overcome failure, disappointments and unexpected tragedies. Ultimately,the true value of self love that rebuilds the soul. It's a page turner just as much as the story is full of surprises.

Long before a career in writing inspirational faith driven novels, Ton'e Brown was working 60-70 hours a week in the accounting field, squeezing in time before going to the office and during breaks throughout the day. Sometimes staying up twenty fourto forty eight hours to finish the plot of the story. It was her hobby that became a passion—writing her first novel Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate that helped her discover writing as a career was a possibility.

Unsure of a considered genre she committed to the storytelling of heartfelt inspiration and faith driven stories of peoples everyday realities. It starts out strong in a way that so real you realize it will take a God breathing faith of his word to pull you through. Every word keeps you holding on for the moment of breakthrough in the twisted fate. You are taken on an unexpected journey that not only surprise you but it leaves you feeling breathless and a feeling of I am strong enough to get through this with a triumphant spirit.

Ton'e Brown has authorized Hayden Publishing, to manage this Page. However, from time to time, Ton'e will post directly to the Page.


2012 Blue Ribbon Authors Selections Series, book listing available on Amazon.

Awarded the Entrepreneur Highest Achievement Award and the Entrepreneur Top Producer Award by President George W. Bush, Government Liaison, Doug Weed

Alumnus 2009 "Writer's Award Winner for Book title: Shared Gratitude, "A Way of Living."  Her writing is making a difference in the world and a real inspiration.

Written Books:

Bullies Exposed, Stop, the Madness (2004)
40 Plus & Living it up (2005)

Series of short stories...

A man's love (2009) Sold to Media Spectacular for short film
The Engagement (2010)Sold to Media Spectacular for short film
Eye Catching (2011)Sold to Media Spectacular for short film
Raquel, baby dedication (2011)Sold to Media Spectacular for short film

My Momma, A daughters love (2007)
Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living (2008) 
Revision: Shared Gratitude, A Rewritten Heart (2012)

Coming soon!
Screenplay (Silent Whisper)

Novel Series "JOURNEY" A book series for men (A Father's Love Unapologetic...) 

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